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Landowners Wanted

Any Property within

Southeastern PA or New Jersey

As responsible and ethical archers we are always looking for new areas to assist with the removal of nuisance game animals within the confines of the Game Laws

· We all carry liability insurance which offers the private owner ease of mind.



· We offer a stealthy approach to allow minimum impact on the landowner and surrounding areas.



· As skilled outdoors people we have the opportunity to get much closer to wild game animals therefore allowing us the judge the animals for their well being in their natural environment without disturbing them.



· Our services are totally free to the private landowner.



· Our hunters are always professional, courteous, and respectful to the landowner and the environment.

· We also have people that can assist with the removal of various other nuisance animals such as groundhogs or geese.

· Every Archer also donates the 1st harvest to Hunters Sharing the Harvest and we are willing to do something similar according to the landowners wishes.

· We can help with Tick remediation.  Along with increased deer activity come ticks and the many health problems they can bring.

Interested Land Owners

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